Over the last two decades, there has never been more left-handed guitars on the market than there are now. Instead of ordering specialist instruments months in advance at considerable mark-ups, you can now walk into virtually any guitar store and find great options at all price points for the best left-handed electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

The mahogany body packs plenty of punch for higher gain playing, though it can be easily tamed thanks to the push-pull pots for coil-split pickup configurations, making it our top pick for the best left-handed guitar. With any electric guitar purchase, power should be one of the first aspects for consideration. A high-output ceramic pickup might not suit those searching for slinky tones, like funk or RnB players, and similarly a low-output single-coil might not have enough thickness and sonic mass for those who prefer higher gain tones.

For acoustics, the shape and size of the guitar is always an important factor. Some — particularly those who play leads or bend — prefer the cut and feel of parlour or auditorium instruments, others gravitate towards more chunky and rounded dreadnoughts and jumbos.

Ready to find the best left-handed guitar for you? Bearing in mind just how much an American-made PRS Custom 24 sells for, this lefty in the more affordable SE range compromises very little on quality and build. The Probucker pickups are more than capable of capturing that famous Les Paul magic, and are actually even more versatile thanks to a split-coil mode not featured on the Gibson version. Nevertheless, considering it costs six times less than its Custom Shop equivalent, this is easily one of the best Les Paul-shaped left-handed guitars out there.

And with a 70s-era headstock, vintage-tinted glass neck finish and nickel-plated hardware, this is one left-handed guitar that definitely looks the part too…. The preamp controls and phase switch helps players dial even further into that sweet spot, though it has to be said these guitars also have a wonderfully balanced and articulate resonance unplugged. That makes them the perfect writing tool for those on the search for extra inspiration.

An American-made Strat is one of those guitars that everyone should own, no matter what style of music they play. The American Original '60s is very much the modern equivalent of what Jimi Hendrix rewrote the rulebook with five and a half decades ago, with an Olympic White body complimented by a mint green scratchplate. Though it boasts a modern fretboard radius and modern switching, the wax-potted Pure Vintage '65 single-coil Stratocaster pickups are about as period-correct as you can get.

And the thinner Nitro-Cellulose finish enables the wood to breathe and age like the classic Strats of the 60s. All of that gives you vintage looks and tones which, combined with modern functionality and versatility, are virtually unbeatable. Read the full Fender American Original '60s Strat review. With a silver pickguard, aged white body binding and finished in a gorgeous Georgia Green that packs plenty of vintage appeal, this GLH Electromatic Center-Block features a double-cutaway maple body with chambered spruce center block for dynamic resonance, high gain power and lightweight comfort.

A great all-rounder left-handed guitar that screams old-school Gretsch without breaking the bank. The Fender Player series could very well be one of the most popular lines of guitars to come out of the Ensenada factory — bringing those ground-breaking designs and tones to a more affordable price range with marginal sacrifices made along the way.

left handed fenders

The Player series instruments use the same kinds of woods — alder and maple — and the Player Series single-coil Alnico pickups are incredibly versatile, covering darker tones for rock and jazz just as well as the honky and high-endy sounds the Fender Telecaster has been long renowned for. And the option for Butterscotch Blonde means you can get one of the most famous Tele finishes of all-time on a budget.

A worthy addition to our round-up of the best left-handed guitars.

left handed fenders

Read the full Fender Player Telecaster review. MusicRadar The No. Virtual Guitar Show ! Choosing the best left-handed guitar for you With any electric guitar purchase, power should be one of the first aspects for consideration.The hollow Telecaster-inspired body is naturally loud and resonant with plenty of projection, meaning the guitar sounds as great on your lap as it does live on stage.

The Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine powers the Acoustasonic Telecaster and delivers a curated collection of acoustic and electric voices.

Designed for authentic hum-free Fender electric tone, this pickup can be played solo or blended with an acoustic voice to create new sounds. This state-of-the-art guitar is crafted in Corona, CA, at the same factory as our iconic electric instruments. Yes, please have a dealer in my area contact me using the information I have submitted. I understand that my information will be shared with the dealer and may be used by the dealer to facilitate this contact.

Model : This item is currently not available. Highlights Specs Support Highlights. Body Back. Neck Material. Recommended Gear. Deluxe Series Coil Cable, Tweed, 30'. Fender Adjustable Guitar Stand. We didn't find any dealers in your area.

Try searching a different location below or contact Fender Customer Service at Loading dealers Please wait while we search for any available online dealers. All online dealers listed here will have the specified product in stock, ready for purchase. Sorry, we weren't able to find any online dealers in stock at this time.

Contact your local dealer for operating hours. Email Address. Phone Number. Comment character limit. Back to the Site. Browse More Premium Dealers.Follow this Product.

Listings Price Guide Reviews. Featured Listing View Listing. Chicago Music Exchange. Preferred Seller. Quick Responder. Add to Cart. The following specs were carefully collected and recorded by a skilled technician.

For a more detailed description and questions regarding sound, feel, or cosmetic condition, please call to speak to one of our experts. Buy Used. Very Good. Add to Cart Make an Offer. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed! Overview The Left-Handed Fender American Professional Series Stratocaster takes the premium appointments and upgrades found in the company's new flagship line and flips it all around for the southpaws among us.

Built around the sonic foundation of a V-Mod Single-Coil pickup trio designed by Tim Shaw himself, the Pro Strat also incorporates a treble bleed circuit in the electronics for retaining high-end cut even when the volume is rolled back.

Complementing these improvements under the hood is a fast-action "Deep C" neck which combines "C" and "U" shapes and narrow tall slants for some of the most comfortable playing on the market. Similar Products. From the Price Guide Sell Yours. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Yes, that's correct Do not update. American Professional Stratocaster Left-Handed.

United States.Loaded with a trio of Squier single-coil Strat pickups with 5-way switching for genre-defying sonic variety, this model is ready to accompany any player at any stage.

American Acoustasonic® Telecaster®, Left Handed

The comfortable "C"-shaped neck profile of this instrument the shape of the neck in cross section is sculpted to impart a vintage-style playing feel. Yes, please have a dealer in my area contact me using the information I have submitted. I understand that my information will be shared with the dealer and may be used by the dealer to facilitate this contact.

Model : Color Brown Sunburst. Fingerboard Material Indian Laurel. Highlights Specs Support Highlights. Body Material. Neck Material. Bridge Pickup. Bridge Pickup, Position 2.

Bridge and Middle Pickup, Position 3. Middle Pickup, Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup, Position 5. Neck Pickup. Recommended Gear. We didn't find any dealers in your area.

Try searching a different location below or contact Fender Customer Service at Loading dealersThis is a Fender factory left handed Precision Bass, with the neck dating to MayVery nice condition, all original except now has a late 60s Tail Logo Lefty Fender case.

The bass has been inspected and setup by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, who is the most qualified person in the world to check out a vintage bass. Scott has had an authorized Fender repair center sincehas worked on hundreds of vintage Fender basses over the years, has a collection of vintage basses, and is also a tremendous professional bass player. The bass has some typical nicks and dings for an instrument over 50 years of age, with 1 small area between the covers worn to the wood, some worming on the back, and minor fret wear on the 1st three frets.

The 3-color sunburst is vibrant, tortoise shell pickguard is crack-free, headstock logo is perfect, back of neck has very little wear, the fretboard is Dark Brazilian Rosewood with no gouges or grooves. All electronics and internal characteristics are perfect, with solder joints untouched. The bass is perfectly set-up and sounds great with a rich tone. The neck is wide, flat, and comfortable. This is a really nice example of a left handed Pre-CBS Fender bass — and the lefty basses are much harder to find than the guitars!

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Fender Left Handed Guitars

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